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[Twice] Gamaro Chicken commercial & making film

Commercial for Gamaro Chicken featuring Twice, released in March 2016 but it’s rarely shown. The group is still the brand endorser though.

Second video is greetings from the girls and behind the scene footage.

Not much of Mina like most other advertisements. Haven’t counted in details but she’s probably the least featured member in this particular video set. It’s something she needs to learn to grab more attention from the directors.

[Twice] Skoolooks 2017 advertisement making film

Behind the scene at the photoshoot for school uniform brand Skoolooks 2017 advertisement.

South Korea is probably the only country in the world to have school uniform makers endorsed by celebrities. Skoolooks and JYPE drew some criticism previously for using the words sexy etc. in their uniform ad, hope they are more modest this time.

[Twice] Lotte Duty Free commercial song

Commercial MV for Lotte Duty Free department stores featuring Twice. The first video is the original version (English subbed) released in October, while the second video a slightly different Comic version released in November.

Basically most if not all of Twice commercials have Tzuyu as the centre. No hate, despite being Mina biased we love all the members… would be nice if the attention is more diverse though.